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The privilege of working online to make a living goes hand in hand with staying healthy. By simply taking and making some smart choices makes a world of difference. Below I came across an article I’d like to share and shed some much needed light.

It’s hard to believe we’re eighteen months into this and still having a problem with Covid! I would suggest the reason we still have a problem is because we’re doing things that are not useful. I’m actually a functional family medicine physician. That means I am specially trained in immunology and inflammation regulation. Some things you should know about coronavirus and all other respiratory viruses. They are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through every mask by the way . That is why we keep struggling with this is because you cannot make these viruses go away.

The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter or become deranged, as has happened recently with these vaccines. And then, they cause symptomatic disease because they cannot be filtered out and they have animal reservoirs. This is a very important point! No one can make this virus go away. The cdc has managed to convince everybody that we can handle this like we did with smallpox where we could make a virus go away. Smallpox had no animal reservoirs! The only thing that it learned to infect was humans. That’s why we were able to make that virus go away.

That will not happen with this any more than it will with influenza. The common cold respiratory, syncytial virus, adenoviral respiratory syndromes or anything else that has animal reservoirs. So the reason they can’t do this is because they are trying to do something which has already been tried and can’t be done. Equally important, is that vaccinations change. Why are they doing things for Covid that they didn’t do for the common cold, influenza or respiratory syncytial virus? Then ask yourself why is a vaccine, that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that?

To help you understand this, you need to know the condition called, antibody mediated viral enhancement. This is a condition where vaccines don’t work. Even with coronavirus study cases done on animals, coronaviruses like the sars outbreak and done on respiratory syncytial viruses. Where a vaccine used in a vulnerable individual done the wrong way, which by the way, cannot be done right for a respiratory virus which has a very low pathogenicity rate, causes the immune system to actually fight the virus the wrong way and lets the virus become worse than it would with a native infection.

The studies show that 75 percent of people who had coved 19 in the Barnstable Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated! Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated any differently than any person unvaccinated! You should also know that no vaccine, even the ones I support and would give to myself and my children ever stopped those infections in 2014. There was the outbreak of mumps in the national hockey league. The only people who came down the symptoms were the people who were unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status.

Now that sounds like a great argument for vaccines, but the question that you should ask yourself,. knowing that half of the people who came down with symptomatic disease had no contact with an unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status individual! Where did they get the disease? And the answer was, from the vaccinated individuals! No vaccine prevents you from getting infection. You get infected, you shed pathogen. This is especially true of viral respiratory pathogens. You just don’t get symptomatic from it, so you cannot stop the spread.

You cannot make up these numbers that they are planning on to get better by doing any of the things they are doing because that, is the nature of viral respiratory pathogens. And you can’t prevent it with a vaccine because they don’t do the very thing they are wanting them to do. And you will be chasing this the remainder of your life until you recognize, that the center for disease control is being used and directed for political influences and are giving you very bad scientific guidance! The CDC and the NIH is counterfactual, and that’s why we’re still fighting this with this vaccine.

That supposedly they are going to make all of this go away! But suddenly, Covid cases have managed to have an outbreak in the middle of the summer, when vitamin d levels are at their highest by the way. Any vaccine restrictions to be considered having treated hundreds of Covid 19 patients, that between active loading with vitamin d Ivermectin and zinc, that there is not a single person who has come anywhere near the Hospital. And we already have studies that show that if you achieve a 25 Hydroxy vitamin d level greater than 55, your risk of covid19 death will drop down to one quarter of the population average for the united states! You should also discriminate based upon 25 Hydroxy, vitamin d level, zinc, taste, test response, and probably previous infections.

People who have recovered from Covid19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all, no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalization and suffer two to four times the rate of side effects if they are subsequently vaccinated. Therefore, the policies that they are basing vaccination on are totally counterfactual. To prohibit, control, coheres or mandates people into being so the called vaccinated, based on fake or forced knowledge should not be allowed here in America or anywhere in the world.

I don’t blame people who were scared and afraid who were talked into getting the shot! Because I know you aren’t scientists and you thought it was reasonable to listen to the CDC. I encourage people to unite and not separate from one another at home or in their work environment’s!

But I would encourage that instead, you listen to the people out here like me & thousands of others who are professionals in this area of viruses and vaccinations and are being silenced by our controlled media for political motives here in America. One more question, when in history, has every opposed outlook been fact checked and then silenced and who can claim that they have the power to decide over a country of free people? We are the land of the free and home of the brave! Thank you and God bless America.

Why Your Ads Don’t Work! The Masters Secret


Hello everybody! In today’s blog I’m going to show you why your ads don’t work! By the way, if you like blogs like this you’ll want to subscribe so that you get more of them.

Now I’m not going to get into the technical aspect of launching an ad in Facebook or YouTube, because honestly, you can Google that & Facebook has a great little course called Facebook Blueprint on how to launch an ad. Anybody can do that. That is easy. What’s hard is creating a great ad.

That’s the hard part about running ads, not clicking buttons in the dashboard. Any idiot can do that, it’s how you present your offer, that is a totally different skill set, and that is what I’m going to cover today.

So I’m going to give you a format that’s right for your ads. I’m going to give you a format, but let me just tell you if it’s your first ad, you might be thinking, oh I’m just going to run this ad to a sales page. I can promise you that’s a mistake. In my new launch coming soon I cover this!

I want to validate our offer first, so what I call an AGF which stands for Audience, Growth Funnel and what an AGF is? It’s a very simple funnel. It’s just like an opt-in with a downloadable asset. I call this an irresistible resource. It’s like usually a PDF guide related your subject matter that people really really want.

If you’re selling a YouTube course, this could be your irresistible resource and so in this AGF, it’s basically just a process where they can go to a page and download that PDF and you can run and add to this. They download the PDF and then from there, they get emails or you can take them to a free Facebook group and warm them up, and you can do this before you ever create your course or show them your ad.

In fact, I recommend you do it, because the way I do it is to make a simple resource. I’ll run a very simple ad, I’ll take them to an audience growth funnel, I’ll get the email and then I’ll invite them to a Facebook group and over a few days, I’ll go ahead and ask some questions.

Let’s talk about what to say, so what I start with and by the way this is in the my new launch coming soon, the first nine seconds are very important. Why is this important? It’s because in the 1970s, the average American had an attention span of 12 minutes. Today they have an attention span of nine seconds or less & that’s the same as a goldfish.

What that means is you’ve got to capture attention right away, and so what I do is I use, what’s called an identifying pattern interim or an IPI- identifying pattern interrupt.. This is what it is. Let’s say I’m doing an ad or I’m making a video. In my ad a pattern interrupt would be something that makes people go whoa!

For instance, a pattern interrupt could be something like this guy’s freaking crazy. What does he have to say? This is interesting. Okay, now a lot of people when they market they use any old pattern, they’re just doing crazy stuff to capture your attention.

That’s ok but I don’t want to just do that. I want to do an identifying pattern interrupt. I want to do a pattern interrupt that is specifically noticeable by only your target market. Because I only want customers that are interested in our products and services.

Today especially, Facebook has what’s called conversion, they’re figuring out who is interested and then they’re showing that ad to more of those people. I want people that are interested in what I have to say and in our product, and so, if I make our pattern interrupt, identifying Facebook will show it to more people who are likely to be our customers now.

So if you are interested in creating an online course – and I say, I’m going to show you how to create your first ad for your online course. You are like. Oh, this is for me!

If you’re telling a story, what does this have to do with blank? So next, once I have that identifying pattern interrupt, the next step would be to make a promise. If you have made a promise, you’ve combined that with the identifying pattern interrupt.

For instance if I say in this ad- in the next 60 seconds, I’m going to show you this thing. Only your target market would want that promise. Then I move on to a narrative.

Okay, this could be a story. This could be a a tip, a tutorial. It could be anything and then, when you’re done, you want to transition. Then finally, your CTA, which is your call to action.

I’m going to go ahead and just off the top of my head, make up an ad so you can see this. So let’s talk about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Okay, so I might say something like -what can I learn from Neil Armstrong about selling online courses & identifying pattern interrupt? Okay in this ad, I’m going to show you exactly why walking on the moon is just like selling online courses, and if you know what I’m about to teach you, you will do far better today than you did yesterday in presenting your ads.


I could say I promise in the next 60 seconds of this ad you’re going to, learn something about your business that will blow your mind and will allow you to sell more copies of your course for you. Then you ever have promise & right narrative.

One of the biggest strides for Humanity, one small step for man, one large step for mankind. That’s the narrative. Or like You’re trying to get your product launched and you run into a problem! You get discouraged, you think of all the reasons why you could fail and you stopped. What have you done? Nothing you’ve ended your journey because you had one problem.

Think of all the other people out there that are crushing it with their online courses, why because they ran into problem after problem and they just kept solving them until they got to the end of the road, they landed on the moon and they sold their online course and made it happen. So there’s the transition.

Now here’s the call to action. Let me ask you a question: it’s one thing to be able to have the mental wherewithal to keep solving problems and stick to it, but it can be discouraging. So what? Imagine if you could get my new launch product and skip ahead to the front of the line.

It’s your online course journey. What would that be worth it you? How much would you pay for that? You don’t have to pay anything. That’s why I want you to grab a free copy and register for the quick webinar.

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Reviewing a Website – The 5 “P”s

Let’s review the website below – How can you have an extra source of internet-income? You’ll need several sources to really succeed so “let’s see this one in action”!

Looking for the best deal for Quality?


We have a professional team who has years of experience providing more professional offers and do it yourself products at economical rates.


Over the years, we’ve invested in efficiency and adjusted our methods and strategies to ensure we have the answers you’re looking for. We have several categories to choose from.

The Healthy Alternatives, are an excellent place to shop to make you look and feel your best.


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And in the General Store section, you will find amazing deals.


Let us prove we’re committed to showing you satisfaction. With our 100% guarantee to earn your trust. We promise to give higher a level of customer care and commitment to excellence and satisfaction.


You can shop today knowing that we have your trust here at DIYGENERALSTORE.NET

This site is a very good “example” of how quickly and efficiently you can produce a service or place for people to shop and provide you with a new source of internet income.


There is a secret and method to being successful online! You need a good product & one people are eagerly searching for. The second & final idea today are what I call the 5-“P”s. Once you have these tools & mindset, you can quickly put them to work.


And they are as follows, “Problem”-solve their problem, “Promise”-to get their Problem solved, “Proof”-show it works, “Price”-give a great price, & a “PS”-saying you need this. I hope you enjoyed this quick post and that it helps with you moving forward. Please leave me a good comment if this helped you & Remember- get your free download EBook here!


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Are You Sure This Is For The Blue Collar Folks

I was just finishing my first week into John’s P2S course when Wham! John presents me with an opportunity to rapidly accelerate my list growing & to make some income as I studied with his Ambassador Program.

Well needless to say, I got a day behind in my daily lessons as I took full advantage of this as I needed to quickly recover my initial investment even with John’s satisfaction guarantee.

I quickly received my Personal Link after joining and proceeded in promoting this. Now I am offering a diverse chain of Top Offers to people interested in the ever growing field of Internet Marketing & digital products.

This I believe is a wonderful chance for you to have a solid foundation and every little bit helps as the saying goes. We don’t need a bunch of flashy objects but rather a “stay centered” mentality.

Take a good look at this screen shot and see farther down the road to success! This opportunity is truly going to automate your income as we come closer to having our first product launch in the near future.

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MINDSET GUIDELINES of the Ages Are Priceless

Mindset Guidelines mean so much more to me than offering a product or tool to help accomplish a goal or final result! The only way to persevere is to persevere! You can’t be angry at the outcome of your first attempts in working online because you didn’t quite make it as far as you had hoped you would. You can’t throw in the towel because at the end of all your efforts, you still aren’t getting the results you’re looking for.

I’ve put so much effort,  time  and money into projects and long planning only to find out, that’s not it. Persevere! When you prepare yourself for some unforeseen setbacks, you leave the door open, so to say to have a great comeback with enriched rewards. Persevere! When you continue to move forward and walk through that next door, you are going to be able to give yourself the security of knowing you will succeed.

Some of us have been a little angry and little resentful, and little embittered. You’re tired. You had a great idea, you walked through that door to help someone with online marketing and you got no response. Duly noted! But if you hadn’t been prepared with the mind set of perseverance, well only you know what might have happened or actually did happen.

We want to celebrate the sudden success and now with Covid it’s unfair! Well duly noted. How do you continue with so much stress? Persevere! You say your prayers and ask God to help you and show you the way. Now is not the time to start taking shortcuts or to start offering less than worthy products. Stay focused, square your shoulders and continue forward.

Stay faithful to your dreams and goals and continue to keep your alliance to succeeding, be it online marketing or life in general. Always remember, good decisions today bring good results tomorrow. We’re learning some lessons here, the only way to persevere is to persevere. You don’t want to take the persevere class again- you want to get to the celebrating class. You know it’s coming and you will.

So let’s find your way through. Let’s work with someone who has the wisdom and resources for success to get you there. For me it was the quote “I was there-I was exactly where you are and this this how I did it”! I know life isn’t fair you say. Duly noted! Don’t throw up all your excuses for not being able. Keep moving forward. Stop saying you don’t have the time, make the time. Adjust your schedule a bit and make it happen. Stop saying you don’t have the money, find a way to.

Mindset guidelines give a person the freedom and discipline to succeed in life and online marketing. I don’t want you to imagine just  finishing of your life well- I want you to imagine finishing all the seasons of your life well. You only get one chance to be a teenager, finish it well. Ok, so you don’t like it- finish it well. In every life stage, do it well. There are no do overs! Don’t wait for the end of your life to finish well because if you haven’t been finishing well the many seasons and stages, how well will you do? Win the moment, win the day, win the week! Keep praying. Keep moving toward your dreams. Separate yourself from anything that tells you that you can’t be successful making a really good living from working online.

I really enjoy and recommend you to “click on” Steve Alvey’s products and now his mentor John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success. “I sure would have liked to have started with these two guys when I first started working online”!

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I hope you enjoyed following along with  Mindset Guidelines, please leave me any comments and share with your friends  here!

I look forward to sharing my experiences in online marketing with you and am very excited to share what’s coming next! Enjoy the day!

For help with Covid;

Welcome to My Blog. Helping People Become Financially Independent

Either by necessity or curiosity welcome! My Name is Gregg and I invite you to follow along with me and experience gaining financial wealth! As I dive into internet marketing because people need the Ability to Be Financially Secure. And with that being said, I would strongly suggest that you don’t go it alone! Have someone teach you who is successful & respected in this field. Sixty days is my target! John Thornhill in his “Partnership to Success” and John’s “Become an Ambassador” will be under the microscope.

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The income produced by todays internet methods just staggers my mind compared to traditional methods. Finding what you are good at and enjoy doing is your compass for success.

Two words of wisdom to start you on your road to success are as follows.

  1. Stick to the basics meaning proof of success
  2. Follow the money

This is going to be a big adventure for most but if I can do it you can too!

So welcome aboard and I hope you share your story with us!

Coming up I would very much enjoy your comments and answer any questions you might have.

Here’s to our success!


Covid has several remedies!

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