Reviewing a Website – The 5 “P”s

Let’s review the website below – How can you have an extra source of internet-income? You’ll need several sources to really succeed so “let’s see this one in action”!

Looking for the best deal for Quality?


We have a professional team who has years of experience providing more professional offers and do it yourself products at economical rates.


Over the years, we’ve invested in efficiency and adjusted our methods and strategies to ensure we have the answers you’re looking for. We have several categories to choose from.

The Healthy Alternatives, are an excellent place to shop to make you look and feel your best.


Our Internet Income gives you an opportunity to save your time and make money from anywhere in the world.


Next is Hobbies and Crafts, a wonderful choice for your needs and fun.


Woodworking has the latest ideas for creating amazing creations.


And in the General Store section, you will find amazing deals.


Let us prove we’re committed to showing you satisfaction. With our 100% guarantee to earn your trust. We promise to give higher a level of customer care and commitment to excellence and satisfaction.


You can shop today knowing that we have your trust here at DIYGENERALSTORE.NET

This site is a very good “example” of how quickly and efficiently you can produce a service or place for people to shop and provide you with a new source of internet income.


There is a secret and method to being successful online! You need a good product & one people are eagerly searching for. The second & final idea today are what I call the 5-“P”s. Once you have these tools & mindset, you can quickly put them to work.


And they are as follows, “Problem”-solve their problem, “Promise”-to get their Problem solved, “Proof”-show it works, “Price”-give a great price, & a “PS”-saying you need this. I hope you enjoyed this quick post and that it helps with you moving forward. Please leave me a good comment if this helped you & Remember- get your free download EBook here!


Another good example I always use that goes hand in hand with a website is Free Traffic-Check This Out!

4 Replies to “Reviewing a Website – The 5 “P”s”

  1. Hi Greg, this is a really nice post! I love the way it’s laid out and the text changes with larger fonts.

    I have never really seen that style of blog post, but I really like it, i might have to use more images to illustrate each paragraph, it works really well for me as a reader.


    1. Hello Lewis, Thank you for your post! I personally enjoy some variety when trying to connect with an audience!
      I viewed your blog and it looks great.

      Stay in touch

    1. Hello & thank you Lee! Lewis said he enjoyed too! That means a lot especially when connecting with people and trying to have good content. Yes I am working on new launch before fall time of year. It’s hard work but exciting. Best to you as always and please comment again anytime!

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