Mindset Guidelines mean so much more to me than offering a product or tool to help accomplish a goal or final result! The only way to persevere is to persevere! You can’t be angry at the outcome of your first attempts in working online because you didn’t quite make it as far as you had hoped you would. You can’t throw in the towel because at the end of all your efforts, you still aren’t getting the results you’re looking for.

I’ve put so much effort,  time  and money into projects and long planning only to find out, that’s not it. Persevere! When you prepare yourself for some unforeseen setbacks, you leave the door open, so to say to have a great comeback with enriched rewards. Persevere! When you continue to move forward and walk through that next door, you are going to be able to give yourself the security of knowing you will succeed.

Some of us have been a little angry and little resentful, and little embittered. You’re tired. You had a great idea, you walked through that door to help someone with online marketing and you got no response. Duly noted! But if you hadn’t been prepared with the mind set of perseverance, well only you know what might have happened or actually did happen.

We want to celebrate the sudden success and now with Covid it’s unfair! Well duly noted. How do you continue with so much stress? Persevere! You say your prayers and ask God to help you and show you the way. Now is not the time to start taking shortcuts or to start offering less than worthy products. Stay focused, square your shoulders and continue forward.

Stay faithful to your dreams and goals and continue to keep your alliance to succeeding, be it online marketing or life in general. Always remember, good decisions today bring good results tomorrow. We’re learning some lessons here, the only way to persevere is to persevere. You don’t want to take the persevere class again- you want to get to the celebrating class. You know it’s coming and you will.

So let’s find your way through. Let’s work with someone who has the wisdom and resources for success to get you there. For me it was the quote “I was there-I was exactly where you are and this this how I did it”! I know life isn’t fair you say. Duly noted! Don’t throw up all your excuses for not being able. Keep moving forward. Stop saying you don’t have the time, make the time. Adjust your schedule a bit and make it happen. Stop saying you don’t have the money, find a way to.

Mindset guidelines give a person the freedom and discipline to succeed in life and online marketing. I don’t want you to imagine just  finishing of your life well- I want you to imagine finishing all the seasons of your life well. You only get one chance to be a teenager, finish it well. Ok, so you don’t like it- finish it well. In every life stage, do it well. There are no do overs! Don’t wait for the end of your life to finish well because if you haven’t been finishing well the many seasons and stages, how well will you do? Win the moment, win the day, win the week! Keep praying. Keep moving toward your dreams. Separate yourself from anything that tells you that you can’t be successful making a really good living from working online.

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I hope you enjoyed following along with  Mindset Guidelines, please leave me any comments and share with your friends  here!

I look forward to sharing my experiences in online marketing with you and am very excited to share what’s coming next! Enjoy the day!

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    2 replies to "MINDSET GUIDELINES of the Ages Are Priceless"

    • Randy Smith

      Mindset is so important – and yet so overlooked Gregg!

      My own quote I often tell my readers is to…
      “Keep On Keeping On… Until”

      Another favourite is from a keyring I won in my sales career – that has been lost for years after the leather fob eventually wore out – “Attitude Is Everything!”
      If I could find it for sale again, I’d buy it – as it always helped throughout my career 🙂


      • greggschena

        Hi and thank you Randy!

        It’s exciting and motivating to have your input. If I ever come across a key ring like you lost I”ll send it to ya.
        Please continue to comment on my articles.

        Everybody needs mentors!


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